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Rocky Mountain Bike Sizing Chart

This chart is a rough guide for sizing your Rocky Mountain MTB.

Rocky Mountain PowerPlay Drive

Designed in Canada, the Rocky Mountain Powerplay™ drive system is a sleek, lightweight, and powerful electric assist that pushes the boundaries of electric bikes.

Technical Article: Rocky Mountain Overtime

The Overtime pack can serves as a "Jerry can" charger, filling the main battery without a charger.

Mid-drive Slider

Your Powerplay bike uses a mid-drive slider to control the force of the chain and direct it to the drive pinion. This is a sacrificial wear item and should be cleaned, inspected, and replaced as necessary. Keep the chain clean and lubricated to prolong the life of the slider.


We built the drive to fit the bike, not the other way around.

Instinct versus Altitude

What's the difference and which one is right for me.