About Electric Utility / Commuter Bikes

If you feel that your commute is just that bit too far or strenuous, our electric commuter bikes are a great way of getting you to your journey's end sweat free. They also give you that extra boost you need when pulling away in traffic or from traffic lights, which is often when a rider can feel most vulnerable.

Utility / Commuter bikes are designed for the more urban environment, and are usually designed with mud guards to help protect the rider in poor weather conditions and racks to carry luggage. They are used more for getting from A to B rather than going for a pleasure ride just for the sake of it.

Fantic Metro e bike
Fantic Living Commuter e bike
Orbea Bosch Drive

Performance CX 250W Powertube 500 WH The most powerful drive from Bosch for ambitious riders is particularly lightweight, compact and is extremely powerful and efficient.

Fantic Brose S Mag Drive

The powerful Brose Drive S models make just the right partners for sporty ebikers. A particularly sensitive response enables top performance on demanding trails.

Urban / Leisure E-Bike

Commuter and City bikes are designed to be practical and reliable, so you can do your daily commute in comfort and style.

Fantic SD City e bike